World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day, a special day for global mental health awareness.

Here at Jessie May, our nurses are on-hand to provide emotional support to the families we care for. Being told your child has a terminal illness is understandably extremely distressing and emotionally draining. Part of our service is to provide a continuity of care, from the diagnosis of a child’s condition, to end of life care, and bereavement support. This continuity can play a vital part in families’ lives and this support in many ways affects the mental health of parents.

Most of the children we support have very complex needs and it can be incredibly exhausting caring for them 24/7, both physically and emotionally. This is why our respite visits are so important to families. They give parents a chance to catch up on sleep, or spend time with their other children, family or friends – all key ways to look after their mental health.

Respite care can be pivotal to their mental health, and they can spend a few hours during visits doing whatever they wish to do, safe in the knowledge our nurses are trained and qualified to care for their child.

One parent has told us:

“Without the respite support from Jessie May I don’t think I’d be able to cope as well as I do. It’s good to talk to those who really understand which over the years has become even more important.”

We believe it is vital that families look after their mental health and feel they can reach out when they need support.

For more information about Jessie May and the work of our nurses, please click here.

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