Jessie May would like to sincerely thank the following Trusts and Foundations for their generous donations:

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust

Nani Huyu Charitable Trust

Needham Cooper Charitable Trust

Spielman Charitable Trust

The John James Bristol Foundation

The Albert Hunt Charitable Trust

The Axentis Michael Charitable Trust

Robert Cowen

Douglas Arter Foundation

ACT Foundation

Roald Dahl Marvellous Nurses Inventing Room

The Childwick Trust

Leeds Charitable Foundation

DHL Foundation

The Denman Charitable Trust

CIBC Foundation

Henry Smith Charitable Trust

True Colours Trust

Gloucestershire Masonic Lodge

Quartet Community Foundation

Zurich Community Trust

St John’s Foundation

Sobell Foundation

Jack Lane Charitable Trust

Carmela and Ronnie Pignatelli Foundation

Leeds Charitable Foundation

Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust

Trevor Osborne Charitable Trust

Basil Brown Charitable Trust

Erach and Roshan Sadri Foundation

Thomas J Horne Memorial Trust

Hodge Foundation

Nisbet Trust

Kingswood Relief in Sickness Fund

World Matchroom Charitable Foundation

February Foundation

Charlie Froud Foundation

Souter Charitable Trust

Wooden Spoon Emergency Funding Project

Bath Boules Charitable Trust