Your Big Day…

Looking for that last minute birthday, Easter or Christmas present? Want to help Jessie May raise much needed funds at the same time?……

From the new company, Your Big Day Ltd, comes a really special video gift for celebrating not only Christmas but birthdays, anniversaries, and other “Big Days” in your family’s calendar. Narrated by its Chairman, the broadcaster and former newscaster (and now Jessie May supporter) Sir Martyn Lewis CBE.

Whatever date and year (covering most of the last century) you, your family or friends are celebrating, there is a 5-minute video to match, culled from the archives of ITN and Reuters going back as far as 1917.  Celebrities, royalty, news, fashions, cars – even house prices – what life was like way back when….. with your personal message to the recipient embedded in the opening titles !

Ordered online. Delivered online via an email link on the date and at the time of day you choose (even on Christmas Day !)  And you, the sender, get a copy as well, so you can see what you have sent. All for just £9.95.

Why not check it out at  – and when you order, be sure to add our code – JESSIE – in the promotional/charity box provided, to trigger a £1 donation to help Jessie May’s great work.

Enjoy a present from the past with your family and friends. 

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Share Gift…

Jessie May would like to introduce a new way supporters can help raise funds to help our work with terminally ill children and their families. If you have shares which are uneconomic to sell or unwanted, you may wish to consider donating them to ShareGift, the share donation charity.

ShareGift is an independent UK registered charity (no. 1052686) which specialises in releasing the money locked up in small shareholdings, but which can accept donations of any size. ShareGift works by collecting together small lots of shares until there are enough to sell, and then donates the resulting proceeds to a wide range of charities. ShareGift make their grants based upon suggestions from donors. You can help support Jessie May by donating any small shareholdings you may have to ShareGift and mentioning that you support the Jessie May Trust.

We hope you will consider using ShareGift to support Jessie May. For more information visit ShareGift.