National Poetry Day – A poem from Jessie May

Happy National Poetry Day! As today is National Poetry Day, we wanted to share a short poem of our own, from everyone here at Jessie May…

We’re a creative bunch here at Jessie May
So we thought we’d join in with the poetry day
The 4th of October, a day full of rhyme
A day full of poems, good verses and chime

Our nurses, you know, they’re simply the best
Superheroes in fact, just without the tight vests
They visit our families, they play and have fun
They give some time back, to our dads and our mums

They can often be spotted outside in the park
With a Jessie May child, before it gets dark!
And when winter sets in, it’s painting inside
The small painted foot prints, all waiting to be dried

They’re humans our nurses
Like me and like you
But with one extra power
The work that they do!

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