Peter’s Vegan Shepherd’s Pie



1 onion

2 carrots

1/2 cloves of garlic

Thyme or mixed herbs

200ml red wine

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

2 vegetable stock cubes

1 tin of green lentils

950g sweet potatoes



1. Chop the onion and two carrots, and crush and chop the garlic

2. Mix together the red wine, chopped tomatoes and stock cubes and simmer for at least 10 minute

3. Add the green lentils and leave to simmer for 15 minutes

4. Boil and mash the potatoes with vegan spread

5. Place the lentil mixture at the bottom of a dish, put the mash on top and put in the oven at 170 for 20 minutes

6. Serve and enjoy!

Huge thanks to former World Snooker Champion, Peter Ebdon, for sharing this recipe for #JessieMaysBigEat!

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