Higos Insurance Services announce Jessie May as Charity Partner

We are thrilled to reveal Higos Insurance Services have chosen Jessie May as their new Partner Charity for 2019/20!

Every two years The Higos Community Fund choose a charity to work with closely, providing monetary support, volunteering and a number of other activities which help the charity to raise money. We are delighted Higos have chosen to support Jessie May over the next two years, after already generously donating a large number of Christmas hampers and chocolate selection boxes to us.

Emily Wright, of the Higos Community Fund, said: “Jessie May are an incredible charity who touch so many different lives and make a massive difference to the children and families they help.

“We are a community broker and this is definitely a community charity, one which we look forward to working closely with over the next two years.”

Higos have started this wonderful partnership by creating 22 amazing Christmas hampers, the majority of which will be raffled off at the Jessie May Christmas Party on Sunday. The rest will be used for other fundraising events and special days to help raise money to fund our specialist nurses.

The Higos Community Fund have also purchased 160 chocolate selection boxes, with members of the community fund wrapping each one individually! These selection boxes will go to the siblings of Jessie May children during respite visits.

Andrew Tanner, of the Higos Community Fund, said: “When we delivered the Christmas hampers and selection boxes to Jessie May their faces just lit up, we are so happy and so proud that we can help to make a difference to the lives of these children and their families.”

Lindsay Horton, Corporate Partnerships Officer at Jessie May, said: “We are absolutely thrilled Higos Insurance Services have chosen to support Jessie May! We are delighted to be their charity partner for 2019/20 and have already been blown away by their generosity – and fantastic creative efforts! – with the wonderful Christmas hampers and selection boxes. It is clear so much time and effort has gone in to creating all these beautiful gifts, and we will be putting them to the very best use possible!

“Jessie May is a small charity and we rely heavily on voluntary funding and corporate support to ensure our nurses can provide their specialist care to terminally ill children and their families. Only with the help of supporters like Higos can we continue to fund our dedicated team of nurses, who put the children we support at the heart of their work.

“This is the start of a very special relationship and we’re extremely excited to work with our amazing supporters at Higos. We cannot thank them enough.”

Huge thanks to Higos Insurance Services for their support so far, and their pledge to support Jessie May over the next 24 months.

If you would like further information about the Higos Community Fund please click here.

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