Payroll giving (also known as workplace giving or Give As You Earn) is a tax efficient and easy way to support Jessie May. Your gift can be easily deducted from your gross salary, meaning the tax you would have paid comes straight to Jessie May.

For example: if you are a basic rate tax payer (20%) a £10 donation will cost you just £8. If you are a higher rate 40% tax payer it will cost you just £6.

How do I sign up?

Becoming a payroll giver is simple, quick and easy. To set up your regular donation, simply complete our Payroll giving form and send a copy to us, and to your employer.

Downloadable form here

Most employers operate a payroll giving scheme.  If your employer does not offer payroll giving, please refer them to the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) or Charities Trust who will help them set the scheme up quickly and cost efficiently.