22 April 2020

Join Team Jessie May for the Captain Tom 100 Challenge

Last year Captain Tom united the nation as he took on 100 laps of his garden for charity. To celebrate his legacy, take on your own 100 challenge on Captain Tom’s birthday weekend!

Complete your own 100 Challenge on 30th April – 3rd May to raise money for the UK’s charities, including Jessie May, and build on Captain Tom Moore’s legacy.

Why Team Jessie May?

It’s an incredibly challenging time at the moment, for everyone across the UK. We’re all feeling vulnerable, unsettled and uncertain with what we’re living through.

For Jessie May children and families this uncertainty is something they’re all too familiar with but now with the added pressure of contracting coronavirus, and further risk to life, Jessie May nursing care in their home is paramount.

Trained, specialist Jessie May nurses provide end of life support in the home to children and their families when they so desperately need it, at a time when there is already an unprecedented amount of pressure and demand on hospital services.

Jessie May needs your help now, more than ever before, to continue supporting vulnerable children and theirfamilies with the evolving crisis and difficult times that will follow.

Do it your way!

The Captain Tom 100 Challenge is your chance to  raise funds in your own way…everyone can join in!

  1. Come up with any activity idea around the number 100 that suits your skills. If you’d like help with fundraising ideas, try our ideas below!
  2. Set up your fundraising page either through JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving – or click here to donate £100
  3. Ask all your friends and family to sponsor you and challenge them to do their own 100 Challenge
  4. Complete your challenge
  5. Share a photo or video of your challenge on social media with #CaptainTom100 and don’t forget to tag us @jessiemaytrust

Here are a few ideas to kick start your challenge:

  • Walk/cycle 100km
  • Bake 100 biscuits or cupcakes
  • Do 100 keepie-uppies
  • Run for 100 minutes
  • Host a virtual party for 100 people

  • Do 100 push ups
  • Walk 100,000 steps
  • Share 100 positive affirmations
  • Wash 100 cars
  • Build something with 100 LEGO bricks

How will my fundraising help Jessie May?

The support of Jessie May nurses can’t be put on hold.

While the pandemic has put everything on hold, from marathons and sports to holidays and weddings, supporting families in crisis and with

end of life care can’t be put on hold.

By taking on the Captain Tom 100 Challenge, you’ll be helping children and their families get vital support from Jessie May nurses when it’s needed more than ever.

Help to inspire the nation by sharing pictures or videos of your challenge on social media using the hashtag #CaptainTom100 to be part of the campaign. And don’t forget to tag us @jessiemaytrust!

What else do I need to know?

There are no rules – apart from the Government guidelines on how to exercise safely during this time.

The main thing is to have fun and pledge whatever you can to help seriously ill children at Jessie May. They need us and we need you, now, more than ever.