Why make a Will?

Most people assume that when they die their estate will automatically go to their surviving family, but this isn’t always the case. If you have not made a Will, your family and friends may experience complications with your estate being divided according to the law, not your wishes. If you have no surviving family and you don’t make a Will, your entire estate will go to the state.

Making a Will doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. For a small fee a solicitor can ensure that all your chosen beneficiaries, including charities, will inherit according to your wishes.

Remember Jessie May in your Will

In the UK, 35% of people say they would leave a gift to a charity in their Will, however only about 7% actually do. Leaving a gift in your Will is a chance for you to remember a charity that’s close to your heart. Your support will mean Jessie May can continue helping terminally ill children and their families for the years to come.

What a gift in your Will means to Jessie May

Gifts left in Wills are an important part of any charity’s income. Funding a nurse for a year costs around £30,000 (2016/17 figures) and each nurse helps around 10 families a year. Part of our ethos at Jessie May is that no family who needs our help is ever turned away. As we continue to expand, improve, and increase our service, gifts from donors become ever more important.

For more details on how to make an arrangement in your Will, please contact our Fundraising Team