Published: 15/04/2020 | Last Updated: 08/01/2021

Jessie May is working  together with the Lifetime Service and Children’s Hospice South West to meet the urgent and essential needs of the families that we all care for through this challenging time.

Our first priority is to ensure that children remain cared for and supported in the community wherever possible and appropriate.

From 11 April, a dedicated telephone number offering 24/7 access to advice and support from a nurse with hospice/community care experience has been provided to families directly.

For Families:

Dear Families,

Although we only wrote to you just before Christmas, there have been significant changes to the government guidelines this week as we all see ourselves going immediately into a third national lockdown. We are continuing to follow local and national guidelines and advice and currently have no plans to change the way we are working at present. We are continuing to provide care for children who are at the end of their life and to support their families and those children who have the most complex health needs both in hospital and at home. When capacity allows, we will continue with our model of focusing on children that aren’t able to attend school.

With increasing numbers of children not being able to attend school and a significant reduction in our care team numbers since the COVID pandemic, it will become more of a challenge for Jessie May to meet an increase in demand but we will try to offer support in other ways such as phone, video call and on occasion doorstep support visits to parents. With this in mind we are currently reviewing our priority list for February, so if you feel your child’s health or your family circumstances have changed, please do update us so that we can direct our resources to those most in need. We are still working closely with local health partners such as Charlton Farm and Lifetime to spread our joint resources more evenly across all of the children and families that we support.

With the new strain of the virus showing a rapid increase in infection rates we are doing everything possible to keep our families and our nurses as safe as we possibly can. The Jessie May nurses continue to follow the Public Health England (PHE) and UHBW guidelines, to make the visits even more Covid-19 secure we would like to request the following:

  • Parent or any children over the age of 11  wear a mask when in the same room as a Jessie May nurse
  • Jessie May nurse to take handover from and give handover back to just one parent during a visit.
  • Where possible children in the house remain in another room for the duration of the visit.
  • PPE used by a Jessie May nurse in the home should always be disposed of in the family waste bins and not taken from the premises.

We hope that this way of working is only for a short length of time and with the introduction of the vaccine, we may all see a glimmer of hope. We will of course continue to monitor national and local guidelines and keep you up to date with any developments or changes to our service. If you would like to discuss any of the above information, please do not hesitate to contact Ken Hull, our Nursing Care Lead or Steve, Claire, Helen or Sam on 0117 9582172.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Roys

Contact Details:

Should you need any of our team in an emergency, please call the below numbers. The answer phone message you hear will direct you to the contact number you need.

Care Team
Phone: 0117 9582172

Fundraising Team
Phone: 0117 9582174

Information for you on Administration and Fundraising

Many of our support staff have the ability to undertake their work from home and where possible, we are encouraging this in line with the current Government guidelines surrounding COVID-19. We are also encouraging all staff to hold meetings over the phone or video conferencing, rather than face to face, where this does not cause too much disruption.

If you have a general Jessie May query, please email:, or call the main number on 0117 961 6840

If you have a query for our Fundraising Team, please email:, or call the main number on 0117 961 6840

Please do continue to support Jessie May through Fundraising where possible. You can donate to Jessie May during this time directly by:

  • Paying funds by bank transfer into the Jessie May bank account directly using the following details

    CAF Bank
    Sort code – 40 52 40
    Account Number – 00031294



  • Send a cheque to the Jessie May head office (made payable to Jessie May):

    35 Old School House, Kingswood Estate, Britannia Road, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 8DB

Please do bear with us during this time. This is an unprecedented situation we are facing, and we aim to ensure minimal disruption and delay in responses as we navigate the ever-changing challenge COVID-19 is bringing across the nation. We will endeavour to update these statements as and when is appropriate.

Thank you

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