Do you belong to a Rotary or WI group, play Football or Hockey or even knit or sing with friends?

At Jessie May we are so grateful for the many people who help shout about Jessie May in their community. Many of our supporters belong to clubs and other associations which help make a huge impact at Jessie May. What ever you do in your social time, there could be an opportunity for Jessie May to be involved.

If you are part of a community group which invites speakers, why not invite a Jessie May speaker along and let us keep you updated with our precious work?

If you are part of a sports club, you could take on sponsored challenge and play for 24 hours or in fancy dress!

If you sing in a choir or dance in a group we’d love for you to put on a show and wow your friends and family with your talents, all for Jessie May Nurses.

We don’t mind if there is a “one off” event or perhaps a longer term relationship – the most important things is that we tell as many people as possible about the fantastic work of Jessie May. Please help us spread the word.

Tell us what you are up to by contacting Helen on 0117 958 2174 or email so we can share fundraising materials and help cheer you on!