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All of the families who Jessie May support have their own incredible stories about their children.

Here’s just a few.


Charlie’s Story

Charlotte found out at her 20 week scan that her baby, Charlie, had a very rare, complex heart condition that meant he wouldn’t survive once he was born. “I was given three options,” she says. “I could end the pregnancy, or wait for Charlie to be born and then let the doctors attempt operations that … Continued

Theo’s Story

Twins Theo and Ollie were born in 2010. Soon after he was born Theo was diagnosed with an extremely rare, terminal condition called ARC syndrome. Theo passed away at just 9 months old and throughout his life his whole family were supported by Jessie May Nurses. After Theo’s funeral his parents Scott and Sarah wanted … Continued

Thomas’s Story

Heidi had a straightforward pregnancy but labour took a dramatic change when the baby’s heartbeat began to slow. She was rushed to theatre and Thomas was delivered by caesarean section. Thomas was born very unwell and was treated in the Intensive Care ward. An MRI scan confirmed that he had severe brain damage and Cerebral … Continued

Stella’s Story

Stella is the eldest child of Jo and Brad. Soon after Stella was born the hospital asked to see her again for some tests because her head size was smaller than normal. Stella had a major seizure while in the waiting room awaiting her results and was admitted to Intensive Care Unit. Stella has Polymicrogyria … Continued

Sophie’s Story

When she was 9 days old Sophie was taken to hospital. She was being sick almost constantly, and her mum Faith was told it was a dairy intolerance and should try Sophie with soya milk instead. For a while, things were going well but weaning Sophie onto solids revealed some horrific allergic reactions. Sophie’s eyes … Continued

Ollie’s Story

Ollie Lewis lives with his mum Charmaine and dad Neil and his younger brother Alfie. Ollie has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy as a result of a traumatic birth. “I was 12 days past my due date when I went into hospital,” Charmaine says. “Everything was fine at first. After several hours I was in a lot … Continued

Kayla’s Story

Ann-Marie and Lee are parents to Nisha and Kayla. There was little sign at the beginning of Kayla’s life that she was ill. In her first year she missed a few milestones but Kayla was a happy, babbling baby. After expressing concerns more than once about Kayla’s delayed mobility Ann-Marie finally got a referral. Kayla … Continued