Comment: The Daily Mail’s ‘Charity Muggers’ article

We are aware of an article published in the Daily Mail over the weekend, which claims millions of pounds given to charities are being used to pay street fundraising firms.

The article goes on to claim the first 12 months of an individual’s donations are used to cover fundraising costs, and criticises ‘chuggers’; fundraisers who approach passers-by and ask them to sign up for direct debits, who are being accused of harassing people on the street.

It is inevitable that without spending money on fundraising, charities would not survive.

We acknowledge that many charities do rely on this type of fundraising to provide their services, and while it can be perceived as a controversial method, street fundraising can be an essential tool for charities. Street fundraising can be hugely beneficial when undertaken responsibly.

Jessie May does not use ‘chuggers’, third party agencies or demand up-front donation fees, but relies solely on personal contact through our talented and committed fundraisers. We focus on obtaining quality sign-ups and are firm believers in inspiring donors to support our charity. We do not endorse any fundraising methods which involve the public feeling ‘harassed’ as a result, and are proud of the positive feedback we receive regularly about our fundraising team members.

In the past, we have placed fundraisers in public spaces, such as shopping centres, to help raise awareness of Jessie May. In these cases, our priority is spreading the word about our charity and the amazing work our nurses do in the homes of terminally ill children. We believe donors should feel good about the donations they make to our charity, and ensure our supporters are never ‘chugged’ or pressured into giving away their money.

In these situations, we find face-to-face fundraising incredibly rewarding for everyone involved.

Our fundraisers, whose pay is not commission-based, have the ability to receive funding through direct debit, but will only receive donors’ bank details in an environment comfortable to them, and if they are truly happy and satisfied with their donation.

We have a fantastic line-up of events in our calendars – as a result our fundraising team are frequently away from their desks, sharing incredible stories of our nurses and the children they care for. When engaging with local supporters, our fundraisers often find they receive quality sign-ups due to our charity supporting local children and young people.

Our aim is to inspire donations in a friendly, responsible manner, and enjoy building relationships with supporters who are touched by our local cause.

At Jessie May, we truly value the donors who have been kind and generous enough to give us a regular donation. This money helps us provide vital care to children with a terminal illness in their own homes, and support not only the child, but their families too. Without ongoing support, we would be unable to fund our nurses and ensure each and every child is offered the help they want in their homes.

From businesses to schools, our team thrives at engaging with donors and building genuine relationships with Jessie May supporters. Our fundraisers’ passion repeatedly results in long-term donors and regular donations.

The children we care for are at the heart of absolutely everything we do and, as always, we are extremely thankful for donors’ support, whether it be through a one-off donation, regular giving or self-hosted fundraising event.

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