#ChildrensHospiceWeek – Some words from Jessie May Nurse Sandie

This week Jessie May are taking part in Childrens Hospice Week; a national awareness and fundraising campaign for children’s palliative care services.

Each day this week, one of the Jessie May nurses will give a little insight into their role at our hospice at home charity. Because that’s what we are – our amazing nurses provide care in the homes of local terminally ill children and their families, providing vital respite care, end of life care and bereavement support.

Our nurses are qualified childrens nurse, meaning parents can leave their child at home with them, safe in the knowledge that they will be getting the best possible care. But the support they offer isn’t limited to nursing care. In addition to respite visits, the Jessie May nurses can also offer advice to parents on a whole range of matters relating to caring for their child, including practical advice and emotional support.

This #ChildrensHospice Week, we invite you to learn more about Jessie May and what fantastic work our nurses carry out in children’s homes.

#ChildrensHospiceWeek – Jessie May Nurse Sandie

What do you think makes Jessie May such a special charity?

We have a fantastic team of qualified nurses here at Jessie May who work passionately to support the families on our caseload. We support families no matter what stage of their journey they are on. Because of this, we get to know the families incredibly well and spend a significant amount of time with them. I think us providing this at-home care really makes a difference to them, and we form strong relationships as a result. Jessie May is a really special charity with a very special history.

What does being a Jessie May nurse involve?

We provide periods of specialist nursing care in the homes of families, but also provide emotional support along each family’s journeys, and create treasured memories along the way. Our care doesn’t only support the children on our caseload – our families are really important and our respite visits often mean parents can have some time out to spend quality time with other children they may have, do some housework or just have a much-needed nap. It’s lovely to offer parents the opportunity to go out on ‘Date Nights’ and spend some quality time alone together, while I’m trusted to look after their child at home. It’s moments like these I can see our support is making a huge difference.

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