#ChildrensHospiceWeek – Some words from Jessie May Care Team Leader Ruth

This week Jessie May are taking part in Childrens Hospice Week; a national awareness and fundraising campaign for children’s palliative care services.

Each day this week, one of the Jessie May nurses will give a little insight into their role at our hospice at home charity. Because that’s what we are – our amazing nurses provide care in the homes of local terminally ill children and their families, providing vital respite care, end of life care and bereavement support.

Our nurses are qualified childrens nurse, meaning parents can leave their child at home with them, safe in the knowledge that they will be getting the best possible care. But the support they offer isn’t limited to nursing care. In addition to respite visits, the Jessie May nurses can also offer advice to parents on a whole range of matters relating to caring for their child, including practical advice and emotional support.

This #ChildrensHospice Week, we invite you to learn more about Jessie May and what fantastic work our nurses carry out in children’s homes.

#ChildrensHospiceWeek – Care Team Leader, Ruth

Is being a Jessie May nurse rewarding?

Definitely, it’s so rewarding to support families and help them through such a difficult time. Being there and building relationships with families is so important and it makes a huge difference coming to their homes and providing care there. We visit the children regularly enough to really get to know them. From spending so much time with each child I can understand exactly what they need, and I know being at home, where they’re the most comfortable, is really important. Hospices give an amazing break to families to recharge their batteries but Jessie May gives regular visits every month of the year without the need for any packing.

What makes Jessie May such a special charity?

I think the main thing is the key fact we are a childrens hospice at home charity – we offer a huge amount of flexibility and care for the children in an environment they find comfortable, safe and more relaxing perhaps than in a hospice. With our visits, it takes away any stress of organising, packing up and transporting equipment, like wheelchairs for instance.

We effectively come as a package to them and support them at times convenient to the whole family. A three hour visit at teatime when they need support can make such a massive difference, but we also do a lot of hospital visits, giving parents the chance to take a break, go home and have a shower, before coming back to care for their child. It gives parents peace of mind that if they do leave, our nurses are trusted to care for the child. We have a strong team of nurses who really care about the children on our caseload.

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