Charity Collection bags – a note from us

Earlier this year Jessie May engaged with a company to deliver charity collection bags in our area, in the hope that our local community would help fundraise for us.

As of 1st August 2016 we are no longer working with StreetRunners as our contract has come to an end. We would like to thank everyone who has filled their collection bags for their kind donations.

We have recently learned that some leftover collection bags may have been acquired and are being distributed around the country. These bags have not been authorised by Jessie May, we will not benefits from any proceeds of these donations, and therefore the bags should be treated as a fraudulent distribution. We are in contact with the relevant authorities to try and stop those who are responsible for this.

If you have received a charity collection bag from Jessie May please do not fill it.

You are welcome to report this to your local council and/or to Jessie May. You can contact Jessie May on 0117 961 6840. We may ask you for your name and postcode to pass on to the relevant authorities, though you are not obligated to give us this.

Thank you for your understanding.

6 responses to “Charity Collection bags – a note from us

  1. We have received a Jessie May charity collection bag today in Taunton, Somerset – I’m glad I saw your note. I will use it for my rubbish!

    1. Thanks again for letting us know. It really does help us keep track of where this is happening so we can do our best to put a stop to it.

  2. Hi, I have recovered approx. 250 (YES, 250!!) of your Jessie May collection bags, which I discovered in a small copse on the edge of a public recreation ground near me in Marchwood, Southampton, Hampshire, when I was doing my daily litter-picking as I walked my dog! I rang the telephone number on the bags, which relates to Road Runners Ltd., as I presumed that they would want to know that whoever they were paying to deliver these bags was defrauding them by dumping them instead. I was told that they were no longer working on behalf of yourselves, so they suggested that I dispose of the bags. I would not dream of throwing away such a valuable resource! Are they of any use to you, bearing in mind that they have Road Runner’s details printed on them? If not, and you don’t want them back, I shall use them to put the litter which I collect into! (I would add that they are in very good condition, as most of them are still sealed in plastic bags). You can ring me if you wish

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